Take Five – and More

DW Ulsterman calls attention to a column at Townhall. It is by John Hawkins and claims there are five structural problems that are destroying the U.S.

1) Insufficient Turnover In Congress: Because of gerrymandering, political polarization, and a lack of term limits, Congress has turned into a stagnant pond.

2) A Broken Education System: The primary goal of our education is not to educate our students; it’s to sustain the teachers’ unions and fatten the bank accounts of the college professors and administrators at our universities.

3) Unsustainable Spending: It is quite literally impossible to pay off the debt our nation owes along with the commitment we’ve made to our own citizens via Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security unless inflation dramatically reduces the value of our currency which would erode savings, drive cost-of-living expenses into the stratosphere and generally decimate the economy.

4) Our Immigration Policies: An ideal immigration policy would be based on merit, would focus on adding highly skilled immigrants, would be easily adjustable, wouldn’t change the demographics of our country and would be simple and inexpensive for law-abiding immigrants. Our current system meets none of these requirements.

5) An Overly-Progressive Tax System: America doesn’t have the highest taxes in the Western world, but it does have the most tax system in the Western world. As a practical matter, what this means is that we have large numbers of Americans voting on whether others should pay more taxes in order to give them things.

Ulsterman adds, “I would add the near collapse of basic American morality as well. This is something difficult to put into words, but so very important to the fabric of what was, is, and (hopefully) will be, the United States. If there is a lack of caring, thoughtful families, there will be a lack of caring, thoughtful communities, and thus, a moral death spiral ensues.”

That should probably be No. 1. We no longer have people who understand right from wrong or, worse, want to understand what is right and what is wrong. How can you have a functioning society with these elements missing?

I would also add we have an energy problem. Solve that and you will release entrepreneurship and sit back while people create businesses, jobs and wealth. It would free up money so that people could travel more, dine out more, do more. When 3 D printer technology ramps up and obliterates manufacturing jobs, our country could switch to service jobs. We will always have need of people aiding others, delivering things and providing services. Cheap energy would make all this possible.

Instead, we get more of the same, stale progressive philosophy that hasn’t worked once anywhere.


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