Judge Brown’s War on Women?

Many Memphians wondered when Judge Joe Brown announced he was going to run for District Attorney in Shelby County. Why him and why now? We have a great DA in Amy Weirich. She has shown herself to be fair to all as well as hard working. Why would he think she should be deposed?

It’s because both Democrat and Republican parties in Tennessee consider this political race to be the most important in the state. Tennessee has turned so red that the last bastion the Democrats have here is in Shelby County. The Democrats drafted Brown so that he could gin up Democrat interest in a non presidential election. Otherwise they fear they will get trounced by Republicans as they did in 2010 when the GOP swept almost all the local offices. The Dems are pouring money into this race, I am told, by the bucketsfull.

The Democrats are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. It appears to many that yesterday’s outburst by Brown in Juvenile Court was a desperate and calculated move. Why else would he inject himself into a court hearing on child support? What business was it of his?

Verification of his quest for attention comes in his immediate facebook page posting. His campaign website quickly changed his picture from his own to that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being arrested during the civil rights movement. How much more shameless could he be? He is making this race about race, which is something that should never happen.

If he didn’t think Weirich was a threat, he would never have done this. Perhaps some of it stems from her being a woman. If you look at postings about his TV show, many accuse Brown of being sexist, along with being unfair and unable to control his courtroom. Here are a few:

Judge Joe Brown is a sexist jerk, who seems to pick on women whatever side they may be on. I’m right and you know it, watch a few shows and watch how he will not let them get a word in, explain the situation or their side of the case.

Brown is the most sexist and predictable judge on the circuit. When watching this show I can look at a woman and know the outcome of her case before hearing any facts. I don’t even know why any women associate with this program. Its unfortunate that our judges still use such prejudicial emotion to judge cases.

He’s ill mannered, rude, will not listen to the side of the one he has already decided is not going to win the case. He loves to make fun, humiliate and demean people.

I’ve watched Joe Brown a few times and can not believe what comes out of his mouth. The man is an idiot! He already has his mind made up before hearing the facts, lets the conversation wander off in unproductive directions and talks over anyone smarter than himself. He is a courtroom clown. But then I suppose that’s entertainment. Unfortunately, too many peoples reputation and character is ruined by Joe Brown.

There was even a movement to get him off the air:

CLICK HERE TO GET JUDGE JOE BROWN OFF THE AIR: http://www.tncourts.gov/boards-commissions/court-judiciary/file-complaint

Judge Joe Brown may be on tv BUT he is a judge first! His duty as a judge is to hear all cases fairly and ensure the rights of both parties equally before the law.

Report Judge Joe Brown to the Tennessee Judicial Ethics Committee. They can revoke his judgeship and get this sexiest, classist, prejudiced slimeball OFF THE AIR !

You can file a compliant for this and more: Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class; Inability to perform judicial duties; Nonperformance of judicial functions; Failure to ensure rights; Demeanor/Decorum.

Another adds:

“I hate to say it, but he is really a judge from Memphis, TN. My son was in front of him ten years ago. In fact, it was his last day on the bench when my son went up in front of him for the last time that day. He had taken off so many times in his court room for his airing of his show on tv. They told him to make up his mind one way or another as he was holding up the cases..Yes, he is just as arrogant then, as he is now. Sometimes he does give good advice, other times no..But, he was a judge in the Criminal Courts in Memphis.”

These are just a few of the many that deride Joe Brown.

So it appears we have a Democrat with a war on women and one in particular. Funny, that’s not what the national party says they do.

We also have a Democrat judge who wants to incite racial hatred, another thing Dems say they are against.

And, we have a Democrat judge who acts in the courtroom in a manner he would never tolerate were he on that bench.

Hypocrite, yes, he definitely qualifies for a Democrat candidate.

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