Look What Ray’s Been Cooking Up!

Not only do Hollywood stars and hangers on believe they can tell Americans how to live and vote, but celebrity chefs now also want Americans to swallow their political beliefs, too.

In the case of Rachel Ray, Food Network diva, she’s not even a particularly accomplished chef. She rose to the top of the pile relatively quickly at a young age, thanks to TV and publicity. It took Julia Child, Pierre Franey, Escoffier and Craig Claiborne decades of hard work, scullery duty and hash slinging to make it. Ray burst onto Food Network directing people how to cook a week’s worth of food in a day and voila, fame.

And with fame, evidently, comes the right to ascend political heights as well. Yesterday she eschewed recipes, cooking and other domestic topics on her hour long chat fest to speak with the Vice President. She teared up while praising the Affordable Care Act.

Got that? Get in line and order up a big plateful of government edibles. Just add a pinch of servitude and a big cup full of cash. We’ll put it in the oven and – as chef Nancy Pelosi tells us – we’ll see what comes out!

Thanks, Rachel Ray. What a great recipe! How helpful you are!

Er, by the way, some wonder why she didn’t help her own brother what with her $60 million net worth. She wants you to put your dough in the pot, but she’s not so willing to. After all, she has a home in Luzerne, Switzerland, one in New York and one in Greenwich Village. I guess the last two are to save gas when she’s in the city. Wouldn’t want to have a big carbon footprint! (Or pay taxi fares.)

By the way, don’t you think her face looks like she’s not been following Michelle Obama’s dietary laws lately? Maybe a few too many kale chips or organic soy lattes?

Anyway, others have wondered, too, if she knew that lifetime limits on care were stopped in 2010. According to White House Dossier, “annual limits on coverage have been at $2 million since 2012. They’re now abolished as well. So it’s kind of weird that they were able to drop him from his plan.”

But don’t bother your little head about that, pumpkin. Rachel has it all figured out for you. Nor should you think about those millions cut from their coverage since this mess started in October. Or how the whole health care industry will be upended.

She’s got hers and you, well, you’ve got the leftovers.

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