Meet the Judges

Last night at our Midtown Republican Club meeting, various judges up for election came and spoke to our group. This election season will make for a difficult ballot because so many offices will be on it. In order to help people know about the candidates we asked them to come and introduce themselves.

Our own Judge Mark Ward took charge and explained how the election systems will work for the ballot. “First, three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices will be listed. You will vote yes or no to retain them. Then the 24 court of appeals and criminal court of appeals judges will be listed and you will vote yes, no, yes, no, etc. This will be followed by municipal and general sessions and juvenile courts. Then you will vote for the District Attorney, mayor and other county legislators.”

Judge Ward mentioned that we sometimes forget that the government is made up of three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. Citizens forget that electing the right judge is just as important as the right legislator or president. The judicial candidates can end up being just a name on the ballot that someone casually chooses rather than making an informed decision. That is not the way to good government.

Many candidates spoke last night. Some are seeking reelection and some have yet to serve on the bench. Over the next few weeks I will share what they said, along with a write up of each with pertinent information.

Stay tuned! Next month we will hear from another batch, so if you missed last night’s very informative meeting, plan on making it to our May 13th meeting. We are delaying it a week because of the primary election on May 6th.

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