Judge Jim Lammey

In the race for Criminal Court Judge, Division 5, the incumbent, Jim Lammy spoke to our Midtown Republican Club.

Lammy introduced himself by telling us he was elected in 2006. “I was an assistant district attorney for 16 years, doing everything from capital murders to DUI. I’m an Ole Miss grad – in engineering – then went to law school at the University of Memphis.

“I was hired by Hugh Stanton in 1990 and then worked with (former District Attorney) Bill Gibbons. I’ve only missed one day for being sick and then one when my mother died,” Lammy said, indicating that he takes his job very seriously.

“I’ve been involved in the Republican Party, too. I was one of the founding members of the Bartlett Republican Club and won a grassroots award,” he said.

Lammy’s opponent is Mozella Row.

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