Judge Ward, Division 9

In Criminal Court Division 8 Chris Craft is unopposed.

But Judge Mark Ward in Division 9 has drawn an opponent.

“I’ve been ten years in that court,” said Judge Ward. “I’ve been licensed for 35 years and served in every court in Shelby County.”

“I’ve never had a case reversed,” he told members of the Midtown Republican Club. That drew much appreciation from the crowd as it is quite an achievement.

“Our primary responsibility is a fair trial for Memphians. If we don’t know the law it goes back to appeals,” Ward said. Not only is that costly for all, it can also be traumatic.

He explained. “I had a 9 year old in a rape case. When they have to go back to court in an appeal to testify, they are victimized again,” he noted.

“My opponent (Christine Cane) has only been a lawyer for 7 years. She has never tried a case.”

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