Judge Bill Anderson

As General Sessions Criminal Court Division 7 Judge, Bill Anderson has a message for voters. “Don’t listen to me when it comes to your vote; ask the lawyers who work there and ask what they think. They know the judges and work with the judges. I get the job done and am proud of what we do and will continue to do that,” Anderson says of his candidacy.

Anderson is a life long Memphian and a fellow in the Memphis Bar Association. When Judge Pugh retired after 28 years he decided to run for her spot “as did 19 of my friends,” he says of the crowded ballot in 2010. He won that race and has been a judge for four years. He hopes to return to the bench after the election.

He says there “is lots to do in this community” and believes in reaching out beyond the bench. “Randy Wade asked about a veteran treatment court and in June 2012 we opened one.”

The Court consists of Anderson, a court coordinator, veterans affairs officials, prosecutors and a public defender as well as representatives from private drug and alcohol treatment centers. They evaluate the veterans and try to help them stay out of trouble, according to the Commercial Appeal.

“We have graduated 725 people with zero recidivism. It also has saved us about $600,000 in cost alone.”

Anderson wants to continue and hopes voters will want him to, too.

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