Mulroy on the Move

Today I got a second call from Steve Mulroy’s campaign office.

Odd, since I am a registered Republican.

The first call was a robo call. It told me that Steve Mulroy is running for County Mayor and was endorsed by Mike Cody, Jeannie Richardson and Shea Flinn. Pardon me if I’m not overwhelmed. I don’t imagine a lot of voters even remember Mike Cody anymore, but hey, whatever.

It then went on to assure me that the Tea Party tactics and plans for Obamacare would not get help from Mulroy! That tells you a lot about the Democrat’s hatred and true fears of the Tea Party and Obamacare, doesn’t it?

Today’s call was live. The person sounded like a young girl, perhaps a student? She didn’t have any telephone etiquette as she wouldn’t readily identify herself, then gave up and said that she was calling on behalf of Steve Mulroy’s campaign.

(I actually had thought it might be from the RNC which calls frequently – too frequently – for donations. This, too, had “out of area” as the phone id.)

Anyhow, she asked if I had gotten the invitation to meet Steve Mulroy this Saturday at 11 at Minglewood Hall. She invited me to the event in a shaky voice. It’s hard to make cold calls, having done it myself, but this person didn’t even know the script. It was like she was hired and didn’t know the candidate either. She repeated the endorsement of Richardson and Cody and asked “can we count on your vote?”

I said no. She seemed taken aback. She then asked if I might change my mind. I said no. She seemed floored and beat a hasty retreat.

If you look on his campaign website, he only has 407 followers for his facebook page. I hope his campaign this summer is as sloppy as this. The last thing we need is another professor/academic/social organizer in the County Mayor’s office like the one in the Oval office.

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