Talk about a good read!

Glenn Fairman at the American Thinker has served up a doozey. It’s called “Memo to History” and it’s here: http://americanthinker.com/2014/04/memo_to_history.html.

I guarantee it will make your day. Here’s a sample of what he thinks of Obama:

For the man who would be America’s primer inter pares, a persistent policy of pandering to our moribund “Cities of Outstretched Palms” might be effective in the short term, since their wretched masses have skyrocketed under his compassionate watch. But in badmouthing the vast expanses of “Cracker Country” as some redneck plantation chock full of “Marlboros, Methodism, and mullets,” the political judgment of Obama and Co. errs in the extreme. As it now stands, these bitter clingers to tradition and self-sufficiency are reaching the outer limits of toleration. Yes, Tea Party types are fed up biding their time and keeping their powder dry while waiting for that inevitable last straw which unleashes the Kraken. And when this finally happens, no constituency of EBT card chiselers, phalanx of cemetery-dwelling voters, or nursery school full of red diaper babies will be of any lasting comfort. When the teat dries up and the shotguns are racked, Obama logos will be scraped off Prius bumpers faster than Michael Moore can plug up a toilet on Thanksgiving.

Vivid enough?

And then:

Just days ago, Caesar triumphantly ascended the podium with his Golden Fleece of 7 million sign-ups, and not one of the star-struck in attendance demanded to see the books or asked the pregnant question of why millions needed to be thrown off their existing plans or extorted by the coercive hand of IRS bagmen to pay up and shut up. Having paid a “friendly visit” to its competition and invited them to take the midnight bus out of town, ObamaCare turns its crowbar wielding thugs loose in the city looking for plate glass windows — even as its own glass shops open for business at a hefty premium. This, friends, is what passes for the scientific rule of politics at the end of history.

You won’t want to miss his final coup de grace either.

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