Judges Montesi, Ryan and Turner

Continuing in my series about judicial candidates, here are more who came to our Midtown Republican Club meeting and explained their candidacies.

In General Sessions Criminal Court Division 13, Judge Louis Montesi is unopposed.

He explained that the court was created in 1990 to deal with the growing case load of the County. He graduated from Memphis State with a criminal justice degree and has served as a prosecutor.

“I believe you have to work hard every day. Show up early, treat each case with dignity, keep up with the law and do my best,” Montesi says is his goal.

Also unopposed, but in Division 15, is Judge Loyce Lambert Ryan.

“I’ve been on the bench since 2000,” she said. “The court was initially created as the drug court, then that shifted to 8.

“I’m a native Memphian, went to the University of Iowa, and I’ve worked in the public defender’s office. I worked for the FBI and after I left it I wanted to work for AC Wharton. I wanted to come back home to Shelby County.

“I’m in my 29th year today (April 1). I was the first female in this public office and I’ve been involved in 300 cases during this time. I’m concerned with the administration of justice. People were not paying their fines and my plan has brought $5 million to the coffers of Shelby County. That’s how you get jails paid for and how you pay for crime.”

Judge Ryan also deals with the compulsory attendance docket. “Each child who doesn’t show up gets their parents a $50 a day fine. That’s tax money well spent,” she says of her court work.

Judge Chris Turner is running in Division 10, General Sessions Criminal Court. It’s a domestic violence court, he told us, covering altercations with spouse and child. “Getting the violence to stop is the chief thing we try to do,” he said.

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