The Thrill Is Gone

I’m not sure even Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg anymore when O speaks. explains:

President Obama’s mojo has stopped working, even among the young college crowd — those he once considered part of his base.

When speaking in Pennsylvania Wednesday, 15 community college students were hand-picked to stand in the bleachers behind the president to show excitement for the cameras.

Although audience reaction can be heard at appropriate times during his remarks, the same isn’t reflected in the faces behind him.

What he got instead was silence and blank stares.

Even when Obama turned around to address the students directly to make a point about a partnership program between private business and higher education, he failed to elicit so much as a smile.

Take a look:

The mark of a man who is desperate for attention is this selfie taken by Biden:

Obama must be feeling the lack of adoration to stoop so low as to a selfie by Joe Biden.

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