How They See Us

Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his radio show that he was up for a children’s book awards. It was the Children’s Book Council that nominated him for author of the year.

I looked into it after seeing that the Newberry Awards were out and came across this description on Daily Kos. It’s not a site I normally check. Even so, I was surprised at how vitriolic the assessment was.

Proglegs writes:

It’s hard to imagine a worse role model for children who isn’t behind bars.

In recent months alone, right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh has suggested abortions should be performed with a gun, claimed it’s a scientific fact that Mexicans are lazy, made cruel jokes about black slavery, used the N word on the air, joked about cunnilingus, and referred to single mothers as “semen receptacles.”

Besides being a horrible example of a human being, Limbaugh is no better as a history teacher.

Limbaugh recently said that Christopher Columbus never killed anyone, and has suggested that Native Americans shouldn’t complain about this non-existent genocide anyway because they all got casinos.
But despite Limbaugh’s calls for violence against women, his repeated racial slurs and stereotypes, and his graphic sexual content, the nonprofit and ostensibly apolitical Children’s Book Council has nominated him for author of the year:
Limbaugh’s Rush Revere has been a huge hit with parents who want their children to grow up with El Rushbo’s views on American exceptionalism close to their hearts, and that’s their choice. And to be clear, nominees in this contest were selected by “children” (read–Dittohead parents) and not by the nonprofit itself.

All this with a terrible picture of him and of a baby crying.

I have listened to Rush daily since 2000 and some before then. I have never heard him express any of the characteristics Proglegs lists. Few Republicans or conservatives, if any, would tune into him with the attitude they suggest he has.

Yet this is how they see him and this is how they see us.

What’s sad is that this hatred has been swallowed and spread by so many in the media and in schools.

It just reinforces how right Rush was to start these children’s books. It’s going to be a long struggle for truth to poke its way out of the layers of lies the left has worked so hard on for so many years.

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