Cohen Snarky Again

Whatever our congressman does involving our city, he can’t resist putting partisanship first.

Yesterday Cabinet members came to Memphis to look at “sustainable” projects here. Aside from the ridiculous terminology on them that have nothing to do with sustainability when it comes to economics, the projects they looked at were the Harahan Bridge, the Legends Park West housing development, the Aerotropolis FedEx facility and the Broad Avenue business corridor.

The three officials were from the EPA, Transportation Department and Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Rep. Steve Cohen toured with them and according to the CA, “praised the federal investments, saying Memphis needs help from Washington because of an ‘unresponsive’ state government bent on cutting programs that benefit the city.”

Of course he was referring to the Republican legislature and Republican Governor. Evidently he doesn’t think Memphians have anyone to fight for them there, even though we have elected Republican state Senators and Congressman from parts of the city.

Too bad he always has to be so petty.

Too bad he doesn’t care what a good 50% of voters here feel about their federal tax money being used on projects they have no say over. Many of us feel uneasy that the federal government involves itself in these issues. If people want pedestrian access across the old bridge, perhaps an independent city based group could have taken care of this. The housing project should be a city/state matter and shouldn’t private businesses address the FedEx need and Broad Avenue’s development?

Didn’t things work better before the federal government got involved? Cohen never wants to talk about the need and cost of these projects or whether they are successful in the end. Perhaps our federal money would benefit more people if used to fix roads for everyone or to encourage business to come here and hire people.

But projects mean more votes to Cohen and that trumps improving the lives of Memphians.

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