Fake Voter Guide

If you subscribe to the Commercial Appeal, you know it barely hits your kitchen table before your blood pressure hits the roof.

In the past few years the liberal paper has lurched even more leftward. Progressive liberal thinking dominates just about every page. Only letters to the editor and an odd piece or two thrown in by the editors for “balance” ever reflect Republican or conservative thought.

Today even the wrapping of the paper is liberal. The page reads “Vote. Smart.” Whenever something declares itself smart you can bet it’s not, but lots of naifs will assume it is. This “Voter Guide” is from The Coalition for a Better Memphis. They say they don’t receive any money from candidates or political organizations, but they also don’t tell who the people in their membership are. When you have the Memphis Urban League and Planned Parenthood listed, you can imagine it is people of that political persuasion who vote on the worthiness of the candidates.

And it looks like it from their recommendations. And – surprise! – the most liberal politician on there gets the highest score.

Steve Mulroy, Democrat running for Shelby county mayor gets an overall ranking of 94! Luttrell trails him at 93. Mulroy gets a 95 on improving the system, while Luttrell gets just a 91.

After that, the high scorers are Reginald Milton, Democrat, at 93; Manoj Jain, Democrat, 93. This latter amuses me because his opponent, incumbent Steve Basar, has already been on the County Commission since 2010, yet in the qualifications and background category, Basar only gets an 84 while Jain, a doctor and newspaper columnist, gets a 92. Huh? Basar doesn’t have enough of a background in city government to match Jain’s? That is outrageous.

Some of our candidates chose not to participate. Who can blame them? Lowest scorers are Nasar Fazlullah and Sherry Simmons, both running as Republicans. They got 70 and 82 respectively.

It’s also interesting that the group did not put political party affiliation by the candidate. I guess this gives a veneer of impartiality. Sorry, no sale on that!

The CA should never run this as a wraparound on the newspaper. It gives it their seal of approval and many voters will be taken in by it.

Haven’t we had enough of elites determining who we vote for and who gets elected? It runs contrary to our system. All they need are a few well minded, but ignorant individuals to believe this and they get their liberals elected.

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