Candidates and the Web

With one election just a week away, attention will begin to increase on our candidates for the August election.

May 6th it’s the Democrats who have the biggest primary battles. We will find out then who will run against Mark Luttrell, Paul Boyd and others. We will also choose our judges.

It’s important that our candidates start revving up their efforts now. One way to do it is a good website. Two good ones on the County Commission side are Steve Basar and Geoff Diaz.

If you go to, you will get a message from him, find out about his recent trip to Panama along with endorsements and campaign information. tells you a little about our candidate for District 10. It also offers information on the district and is available in Spanish as well as English.

Other candidate websites are;;;;;;; (Kelly Price);;;

I hope every candidate will have a website after the primary. It’s a very easy, simple reference for voters. It can be controlled by the candidate and doesn’t rely on media reports – often biased – for publicity. I would hope our candidates would branch out and put a youtube on site, too. You can make one with your phone, so there is no cost involved. You can make it funny and even get national attention. You can tackle an issue or give people a personal view of you.

We haven’t made much use of vines, either. A Vine is “a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short looping video clips. Video clips created with Vine have a maximum clip length of six seconds and can be shared to Vine’s social network, or to other services such as Twitter and Facebook,” says wikipedia. They have caught hold and again, are just about free.

It’s going to be a rough election and we need to use every tool we can to make sure our candidates win.

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