Judicial Endorsements

The list of judicial endorsements are up at ShelbyGOP.org. I am reprinting them here.

They are the result of a committee studying questionnaires sent to candidates, voting records, judicial philosophies and experience. They spent a lot of time evaluating them.

Circuit Court
Division 2 – James Russell
Division 3 – Lee Ann P. Dobson
Division 4 – Gina Carol Higgins
Division 6 – Jerry Stokes
Division 8 – Robert S. Weiss

Chancery Court
Part II – Jim Newsom
Part III – Kenny Armstrong

Juvenile Court – Dan Michael

General Sessions, Civil Court
Division 1 – Lynn Cobb
Division 2 – Phyllis Gardner
Division 4 – Deborah A. Means Henderson

Criminal Court
Division 2 – Glenn I. Wright
Division 3 – Bobby Carter
Division 5 – Jim Lammey
Division 6 – John Campbell
Division 7 – Lee Coffee
Division 8 – Chris Craft
Division 9 – Mark Ward
Division 10 – James C. Beasley Jr.

General Sessions, Criminal Court
Division 7 – Bill Anderson Jr.
Division 8 – Tim Dwyer
Division 9 – Joyce Broffitt
Division 10 – Chris Turner
Division 11 – Karen Lynne Massey
Division 12 – Silvio Ronald Lucchesi
Division 13 – Louis Montesi
Division 14 – Larry Potter

Municipal Court
Collierville – William Craig Hall
Germantown 1 – Raymond Clift
Germantown 2 – Bob Brannon

Note that in some courts there was no endorsement. That is because there were too many questions about the candidates or that they were solid Democrats.

With the long list of judges on the ballot in August, it’s good to know who the County party feels is best suited to the job as it is difficult to study the 80 plus candidates out there.

We will also have more judges, especially from Circuit Court, at our May Midtown Republican Club meeting which will not be the normal first Tuesday of the month because of the election, but is slated for Tuesday, May 13th at 6 p.m. at Cafe Eclectic on McLean.

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