Desperate Dems

Don’t let today slip away without voting. The Republican ballot has many of our incumbents and they are unopposed, but there are other races that do have a primary challenger, so get to your precinct and pull the lever. After today we can zero in on defeating the Democrats.

Speaking of the Dems here, they must be pretty desperate. Yesterday at our house, an outpost of Republicanism in a sea of libs, we received three phone calls from them.

Two were recorded, and the other one was live.

Two were for Steve Mulroy, one for Wanda Halbert.

The first for Mulroy had a person on the other end. When I asked what the call was about, he said Steve Mulroy. Normally I want to hang up the phone vehemently when such a call comes in – and it disturbs the dog who howls piteously at the phone – but I decided it would be interesting to hear what he had to say about the man we refer to in our family as “I, state your name.” He earned that at September 2010’s swearing in ceremony. The judge told each newly elected official to do that as he began the oath. Steve, wearing his signature red tennis shoes (a nod to his seemingly political bent towards Communism?), repeated just that instead of his name.

Anyway, the volunteer mentioned Mulroy’s “tough stance on gay rights” and that Malone “works against us.” The other call for Mulroy was a robo call answered by Mr. Midtown Republican. He reports that the recording again mentioned gay rights and added criminal and animal rights to Mulroy’s platform. It didn’t even say what office he was running for. Hmm.

The other call was for Ms. Halbert. It, too, was a robo call. It featured the voice of Mike Kernell. He endorsed her and that is supposed to sway me to pull the lever for her, were I a Democrat. Now that was shocking, as I remember Kernell for two things: his son’s attempt to hack into Sarah Palin’s email, a criminal offense for which he was found guilty. The second was the weird incident when Kernell claims someone took his pants as he was getting in or out of his car around 1 a.m. at his house. Odd, to say the least. Neither really adds heft to his backing of Halbert in my opinion. Perhaps they thought Kernell could bring in white voters.

Since I am not a Democrat, I guess I wouldn’t understand. Which also leads me to ask how sloppy their campaigns are if they are wasting time calling registered Republicans. Are they desperate? Or are they conceited enough to think they are worth our consideration?
I don’t know, but today’s vote will tell us a lot about the electorate and turnout.

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