Cohen: Benghazi Committee Unnecessary

I don’t know why Neil Cavuto invited our Congressman, Steve Cohen, on his 3 p.m. business show to comment on the select committee to examine Benghanzi.

What would Steve know about it and how would he ever put his partisanship aside? He’s as donkey as they come.

Anyhow, he did ask him this week and Cohen responded as you’d think he would. But it’s instructive because he is following the playbook the Dems have given him and that’s how they plan to attack the GOP.

Cohen doesn’t think there is any point to the effort and he doesn’t plan to participate. (Would anyone ask him?) After he flatly pooh-poohed the idea he said that he commented that he felt like he was at home because there was a Fed Ex truck visible through the studio window. That’s about as heavy handed a reference he could make. I’m surprised he didn’t find a reason to evoke Elvis. I’m sure he thinks it endears him to his constituency, but it was so blatantly suck up you want to barf.

That self important matter out of the way, Cavuto asked him what was the harm in having a committee to get to the bottom of the Benghazi affair?

“Issa’s committee, Government Oversight, has been studying and studying and studying it. They’ve gotten 14 Pinocchios – that’s not a good thing to get – from the Washington Post. Tell me the last time that a government oversight committee found any evidence of anything,” Cohen asked.

There was that little Watergate thing and Iran contra, but those were pushed by Democrats/media, right? I’m afraid Cohen will have to get his own Pinocchio, because according to my research, the WaPo only gave Issa four, not fourteen. I guess a little exaggeration makes it better, though.

Cavuto didn’t call him on that, but did ask Cohen “Are we due answers?”

“We’re due answers but I don’t think a government select committee’s going to find them,” Cohen said.

“What will?” Cavuto asked.

“The State Department and and the Defense Department is (sic) trying to find the terrorists and they will find them and they will bring them to justice,” Cohen asserted.

Cavuto pointed out that they haven’t yet.

“Well it takes time. It took a long time for the president to get Osama Bin Laden but he got him…I don’t think there’s any malfeasance whatsoever. I don’t think that anyone should suggest…” Cohen was interrupted by Cavuto who said “How would you know? These emails that came to light showed an orchestrated effort to present talking points that were based on lies.”

Cohen disagreed. “I don’t think they were based on lies. I think they had what they thought was the truth and there were protests in the Middle East over the film and the anti Islamic mood that was here and quickly went over there.”

Did you notice an anti Islamic mood in the air here in September of 2012? Hardly. Maybe the fact that it was September 11 should have alerted the Obama administration, don’t you think?

Cavuto said, “but they quickly knew that was not the case. Are you satisfied that they leapt on something they knew to be wrong?”

Cohen answered, “I don’t think if they knew it to be wrong or not. I think maybe they thought it was right but the bottom line is this isn’t something that needs a new committee. Speaker Boehner on the 8th of April said there’s no need for another committee.”

Cavuto added, “But now these emails have come to light and…”

Cohen jumped in and said, “It’s politics. The polls have also come out and said that nobody can run against Hillary Clinton and this is all about Hillary Clinton.”

Hmm. At one point the polls said Chris Christie would beat Hillary Clinton. Then he was taken out of the running by the Bridgegate. Coincidence? Politics?

Neil asked about the timing and that the very next day Obama was on a fund raising trip to Las Vegas criticizing his opponent for making hay about this and raising money and an ambassador had been killed.
Cohen said, “Everybody grieves at the ambassador’s death….but you have a crisis constantly when you’re the president of the United States.”
Cavuto interrupted: “Not of this magnitude. Doesn’t the death of a representative of this country eclipse crises that might be more domestic in nature?”

A softer, gentler Cohen then said, “If that’s the issue that’s important than, yes, he went to Las Vegas and maybe politically he shouldn’t have done that but that’s not a need for a government select committee to be formed.”

Cavuto then asked, “You don’t want to be part of this investigation?”

Cohen: “Issa’s committee has studied, uh, uh, uh, Buck McKeon who’s the head of the Armed Forces Committee, a Republican, attacked Issa’s committee and condemned them for the general they brought before them last week, saying that they were totally wrong and that the military did nothing wrong and based on the resources they had they did everything right.”
Cavuto said, “So you think this will go nowhere?”

Cohen replied, “It’s going to continue until Hillary Clinton is elected president and then …”
Cavuto asked “You’re sure of that?”
Cohen reminded Cavuto that he had predicted the Dow would go over 14,000, which Cavuto agreed it had. Cohen never explained what would happen after Hillary was president. He just concluded, “I’m bullish on America.”

I don’t know why Fox wastes its time and ours on this House member. He isn’t particularly insightful and he never brings anything but naked partisanship to any conversation.

But that’s who we elected.

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