Alexander HQ Opens

A crowd was gathering yesterday at the opening of Lamar Alexander's Shelby County office.

Arriving half an hour before the scheduled appearance of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a crowd of Memphians were eager to meet them and show their support.

The headquarters, in Carrefour near Macaroni Grill, soon opened and the throng surged into it. Among them were State Senator Mark White, former Shelby GOP chairman Lang Wiseman, state GOP director Victor Evans, Probate Court Clerk Paul Boyd, Juvenile Court magistrate Dan Michael, Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy, Trustee David Lenoir, Sheriff Bill Oldham and Court Clerk Joy Touliatos. News media were there including the CA, the Flyer’s Jackson Baker and the Daily News’ Bill Dries.

After about a 45 minute wait, the dignitaries came on stage. Former GOP Chair Lang Wiseman introduced them, first touching on his three keys to victory in the election. “Number 1: Turnout. No. 2 – turnout and No. 3 – turnout. We have candidates to be excited about,” he said. “It does matter who governs.” He reminded us that early voting begins in 7 weeks.

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