Camille McMullen

At our last Midtown Republican Club meeting, one judge stood out from the rest.

Her name is Camille McMullen and she’s a Court of Criminal Appeals judge. As such she is not someone we vote for nor is there a candidate against her. She will be on the ballot with the question of whether we shall retain her to continue in her job. That makes her different from the other judges on the ballot.

“We are the judges at the bottom of a very big ballot. It is vital that the voter go down to the very end of it,” she said. “Not many people know what an appeals court is or what we do,” McMullen admitted. That’s why she came to the club to introduce herself.

McMullen was a legislative assistant, Republic of South Africa Parliament in 1995 and a law clerk to Joe Riley, Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. From 2001-2008 she worked as Assistant U.S. Attorney in the office for the Western District of Tennessee. “I worked with Bill Gibbons for five years,” she said. “I was on the ballot in 2008 and was retained” for her current job, she says.

So what does she do?

“We review cases to see if a trial judge did not act properly. I read every word of transcripts and come to a decision. The State Supreme Court doesn’t have to take every appeal, but we have to. About 90% of the time we are the court of last resort.

“I’m a hard working judge. I go all the way.”

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