Midtowners Engaged

Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris has planned an event for all Republican clubs. It’s called the Republican Leaders’ Feed event and will take place Saturday, June 28th from 10:30 to noon in the C wing banquet room at the Agricenter.

According to spokeswoman Nelia Dempsey, “Pre-packaged meals will be created assembly line style in a friendly competition to benefit our food insecure families in West Tennessee. Our objective is to create
20,000 meals in 90 minutes or less. Each package will feed 4 adults or 6 children.
Mid-South Food Bank will be joining us to distribute the meals in our community. This team building event is open to anyone 5 years old and older. Not only will we create a spirit of goodwill, we will have a great time meeting members of our local clubs and attract new members.

“This is NOT a political fundraiser, it is a great way to unite our local clubs and rally our community to VOTE during this very important election ballot. Each meal will cost .25 for a total of $1.50/bag. Contributions from your club or individually must be made to Outreach, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3).”

So far Midtowners have stepped up to the plate – literally – and offered to come help with this project. All are welcome.

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