What Just Happened?

The victory of Dave Brat over Eric Cantor last night in the primary election for the 7th district of Virginia has stunned the experts.

It shouldn’t have.

Analysts are saying that the electorate took the immigration reform proposals of Cantor and voted against him for them. I think that may have played a part, but it was not the motivating reason.

Voters – people who really care about the country and not the brain dead low information voters who get polled – have had enough. We’ve had enough of the lies of the Obama administration and its lawlessness, but we’ve had enough of sending Republicans to DC only to have them become as lifeless as teddy bears. We out here in fly over country, aka the real world, don’t like it that nothing is done to curb the downward spiral of the country. It’s fine to pass votes repealing Obamacare; but it doesn’t do anything except give the politician something to point to at home.

Scandals like the Fast and Furious, IRS probes into conservatives, Benghazi and others occur and all our side does is form a committee to look at them. Pretty ineffective committees that don’t engage the press, don’t put anyone on the spot, but break for long recesses for holidays that seem to happen monthly.

This is not what we want.

We’re mad as hell in the real world and no one seems to acknowledge it or take up the banner.

With Dave Brat the electorate found someone who will or at least seems to want to do it. People went for that. They want new blood and they want it now.

We can’t count on the media anymore to out anything. VA scandals, Bergdahl; they all get spun the way liberals want. The frustration is palpable. They, too, will feel the wrath of Americans. The time is coming when no one will be buying their newspapers or tuning into their TV shows. Why should we when the government provides propaganda easily, anyhow?

Something needs to change in the country and we realize it. Older established Republicans should seize on this and run with it. Go ahead and speak up. Do something drastic. Challenge the Democrats. Fight back. That’s all we’re asking. That’s what the Tea Party wants and it’s not something outside Republican orthodoxy for God’s sake.

Boehner successfully skated over the thin ice that is his approval in Ohio. Apparently he got back to his district, campaigned and listened. Paul Ryan needs to do that, too. They are not bad leaders; it’s just that they aren’t leaders. Once our side decides for leadership we will win.

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