More Dem Follies

If you look at the way the Shelby County Democrats are acting, it would appear the party is on the point of collapse or self implosion.

We’ve had Judge Joe Brown disgrace himself in court and get arrested; Henri Brooks insult a Hispanic man at the County Commission; the head of the Shelby Dems, Bryan Carson arrested; and Henri Brooks in another peccadillo that got her arrested, too.

Now Brooks has another problem. She may not live in her district.


A day after her arrest, questions about where Shelby County Commissioner really lives.

In election paperwork, Brooks lists an address in Midtown, which is her district. On Thursday afternoon, a warrant issued for her arrest following a parking lot altercation outside Methodist Le Bonheur on Wednesday.

The address is for a red brick home on Crump. Neighbors say everyone knows everyone, but no one on the street seemed to know Brooks. According to the Shelby County Assessor of Property’s website, Brooks does not own the home on Crump.

“I know the name, but that’s all I know,” said Brock Sides, when asked if Brooks lived across the street from him.

“I don’t recall seeing a woman there in years,” he added.

Neighbors say an older man lives in the home. They say his wife died several years ago.

According to MLGW, for a time, Brooks was listed as the account holder for a home on East Red Fern Lane in Cordova. The home is outside of her district.

Neighbors on East Red Fern Lane say they frequently see Brooks and her black SUV. They add that her daughter and grandchildren also live in the home.

“I haven’t investigated that,” said Andre Wharton, a lawyer for Brooks.

According to the county charter, “Any county official who shall voluntarily remove his or her residence outside the election district from which elected or appointed shall forfeit that office immediately.”

What’s next? Stay tuned, there will be something.

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