Red, White and Fool

When Obama visited the Standing Sioux Tribal Rock Nation Friday, you knew something regarding Native Americans was in the offing. A president doesn’t go calling without some purpose in mind. That purpose usually involves votes.

Well, yesterday we find out that the Washington Redskins have had their trademark name rescinded by the feds. Coincidence? When does Obama do anything without getting something in return?

In this case he either wants to change the subject from Iraq, VA scandals and Benghazi or he wants to continue to drag Americans down into racial animosity. It goes along with his loathing of what America is all about and his desire to fundamentally transform us. And he may hope to pick up a few Western votes for Democrats in the coming midterms by playing the discrimination violin.

Ridiculous? Yes. The name Redskins isn’t in the same league as the N word. Are we going to have to change ever color/race connoted word because someone might be offended? Where does that leave us with the White House, especially since a black family now inhabits it? Are they offended to live in a house with that name?

What about blackmail, blacklisted, black magic? What about white lies, red blooded and red lined? Should those usages be stopped? Where does it end?

How about the fact that the Redskins trademark is property and by telling owner Dan Snyder that he can’t use it, they are taking his property? That seems to open frightening avenues of government seizure of goods. It makes for a kind of thought police that punishes by taking your possessions.

We’ve seen that already with Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The whole issue is ridiculous, too, because who would name a team after someone or some thing they disparage? No one wants to be on a team that is modeled after unpleasant critters or people they think are weak, pathetic and terrible. Otherwise, where are the Weasels, the Snakes and the Nazi teams?

This is a divisive move by Obama in line with his plan of continual discord and strife. So far, he’s scoring.

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