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“The Department of Education was started in 1979,” said Karen Lamoreaux. “And ever since we’ve had a ‘crisis.’ Before then we had the 3 R’s and it got us to the moon,” she told an audience at Campaign for Liberty’s meeting.

Speaking on the topic of Common Core, Lamoreaux said three organizations are behind it: The National Governors Association; the CCSSO – Council of Chief State School Officers; and Achieve, which authored and is the developer of the standards. Key to it, too, is Bill Gates who jumped started everything in 2007 when he handed out $250 million to get it going.

There are four pillars to it for Gates, she explained. First, they want to get Common Core standards everywhere. Then, he wants state databases with information on students and parents. They press of teacher accountability – which can mean checking up on them to make sure they are following the program – and they promise to turn around schools. The latter goal, Lamoreaux said, is to bring in charter schools.

The propaganda they have put out over Common Core stresses several things. “It’s not a curriculum, they say, It’s just standards. They say we are a transient nation and many students move from other states and schools so they need standards. But the census shows that only 1.7% of kids move across state lines, including college.

“They say it makes kids college ready. But these educrats admit that college ready means ready for introductory classes at a 2 year community college.

“They say the movement is state led. No, it’s a state burden. States were given the ultimatum that they would lose Race to the Top and Title 1 funds if they don’t comply. Also, teachers can’t voice their concerns, so the local people don’t have input.”

Lamoreaux points out that federal spending has gone up continually since 1979. “In 2009 there was a 375% increase due to Obama stimulus money and still test scores flatline.”

“The RNC platform calls for a repeal of Common Core,” she said. “Republicans hate it because they say it’s federal overreach and indoctrination. Some Democrats don’t like it because they object to the testing standards.”

Still, this growing opposition brings her some hope. Although it’s unlikely the Department of Education will be dismantled, she’d like to see more brought back to the states when it comes to education.

What happens next will depend on the 2014 and 2016 elections.

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