Wright Direction

Shelby GOP’s own Mick Wright has decided to run for office.

He has a great web page, wrightforbartlett.com, where he introduces himself:

Hello, my name is Mick Wright and I would be honored to serve you as Bartlett Alderman in Position One. I would appreciate your vote in the General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

As a leader of the Better Bartlett Schools campaign, I had the opportunity to meet so many parents, teachers and others who took an active interest in our community. They wanted something better for themselves, their children and their neighbors. That passion inspired me to continue seeking ways to serve Bartlett.

I believe active involvement is key to the success of our schools and our city. We need more leaders of all kinds to stand up and take responsibility. Through this campaign, I hope to encourage others to embrace leadership roles and discover new avenues of community service.

We’re off to a great start with our school system, which will continue to be a foundation of growth for our city. By fighting the consolidation movement and charting our own course, we seized an opportunity to create something even better than we had before. We’ll need to keep that fighting spirit alive in our schools and neighborhoods. If parents and the community stay involved, we will be successful.

With great teachers and administrators backed by an active and supportive community, we’ll have great schools. A great school system will draw families and businesses looking to relocate. Under the right leadership, the ripple effect we create will help strengthen the economy, create jobs, lower our tax burden, and provide us with the resources to keep our community safe.

So please join me in the fight for better schools, low taxes, thriving businesses and safe neighborhoods.

You can also sees his background and his stance on the issues there.

Bartlett is lucky to have such a dedicated, upright and outstanding resident running for office.

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