More Dirt From Brown

Although the article in today’s CA only mentions the funding status of Amy Weirich and Joe Brown, twitter told a more interesting account.

Kyle Veazey reports in the CA that Weirich’s campaign has raised close to half a million dollars. She has spent some and now has on hand approximately $179,339. Brown, by contrast, has on hand $745 with a $2,500 loan he made to the campaign.

That tells a lot right there about his support.

What Veazey didn’t say in the newspaper he said in tweets last night. He must have been attending a candidates’ forum from the looks of it. Here’s the sequence of events:

Well then. Joe Brown strolls up the aisle, takes a seat in the front row.
Looked like Joe Brown went over to the organizers to get a minute or two to speak. Doesn’t appear as though he was successful.
Oh now, Joe Brown has the mic.

Brown spoke for 2-3 minutes, didn’t take any jabs at Weirich. Touted his experience pre-Hollywood, mainly.

Allowed to respond, Weirich said voters could pick “a workhorse as a district attorney or a showhorse.” She got a standing ovation.
Joe Brown waited at the exit for Amy Weirich to leave. “I’m gonna whip ya,” he said. “Badly.” She didn’t make eye contact and kept walking.

That’s the kind of guy Brown is: classless, rude and arrogant. And that’s the kind of person Amy Weirich is: classy, poised, knowledgeable and determined.

Doesn’t make selecting a District Attorney difficult, does it?

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