Target Midtown

Our Midtown Republican Club will be sending out letters to 1250 Midtowners who vote Republican. The letter includes endorsements for candidates in the August election and was timed to go out for early voting.

With the long ballot, this should be a great help to our candidates and to voters who share our party’s philosophy of low taxes and less government.

The judicial choices in particular are important as these men and women will serve for eight years and make many decisions that will impact our lives. Candidates were carefully studied by the Shelby GOP Steering Committee who looked at their qualifications and their responses to questionnaires sent to them. They were not endorsed lightly, but after much discussion and thought.

The letter also includes an invitation to join us Tuesday, August 5, at our meeting at 6 p.m. at Cafe Eclectic on North McLean. It will be an important last chance for candidates to come, urge people to vote and answer any citizen’s questions on issues.

Many, myself included, feel that Midtown is an important swing district for candidates. If you can get a lot of votes here, your chances of winning improve greatly.

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