Bear-ly There

President Obama loves to say “the bear is loose” whenever he leaves his Oval Office den and goes out among “the folks” for a burger or a beer.

Must be some macho thing that appeals to him. Obama sees himself as an unpredictable force on the rampage, protecting his cubs. Kind of like Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzly” only in the male sense. Does he really think he bears (pardon me) any resemblance to one at all?

If there is a bear in mind when people think of him, maybe one of these is more visually accurate:

Is this him?
Or Pooh?
Or Baloo?
Or Captain Kangaroo’s Dancing Bear?

The Russian bear he is not. Putin’s the one on the move, gobbling up turf, running off the opposition and feasting on his winnings. In his press conference today, Obama more or less left it up to the UN to wrestle with the problem of the downed plane. He expressed his displeasure and outrage, but he was as forceful as this:

On foreign policy, Obama’s a bear all right. Barely there.

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