More Thoughts on Vote Picks

Shelby GOP has sent out sample ballots with choices made by the Steering Committee. Not all races are covered because some of the candidates didn’t respond, there wasn’t unanimity and some were dubious.

Midtown Republican Club member Eddie Settles and his wife, Eve, have given their choices at The Settles have made an in depth study of the races and done an excellent job.

Local blogger Joe Saino has also made his choices which you can see here:

Mr. Saino has voted to replace all the justices up for retention. I will certainly vote to replace the three Supreme Court Justices: Gary Wade, Connie Clark and Sharon Lee. I do not believe they reflect the values of Tennesseans. While they are in office we will get nowhere with the Obamacare fight. And, I do not think Tennessee is the 23rd most liberal state in the nation – a conclusion drawn from our court’s rulings.

While I concur with Saino there and understand his desire to start fresh, a respected legislator has advised me to vote to replace Andy Bennett, Frank Clement, Richard Dinkins and Camille McMullen, but to retain Charles Susano, Holly Kirby, Jeffrey Bivins and John Everett Williams.

Don’t forget the State Committemen and Women part of the ballot. District 29 I choose Kelley Hankins; District 30 Lora Jobe; District 31 Mitchell Morrison and Mary Chick Hill; 33 Drew Daniel and Mary Wagner. All have been good participants in the Shelby GOP.

The School Board list is problematic, but the CA questioned some of the candidates and found the most against Common Core to be Anthony Lockhart, Mike Kernell and Damon Curry Morris. Difficult as it is to vote for Kernell, I like his stance against this very important issue.

Let’s hope that the informed, conservative voters all make it through to the bottom of the ballot. Today I received an anonymous email from someone thanking us for mailing out our letter with vote recommendations. “2 voters from 36-01 walked in carrying your letter today. Both left saying it was a lifesaver,” it said.

Good, because that is the purpose of our club – to inform people on the candidates and encourage them to vote for them. The next meeting on August 5 will give a final opportunity for any more candidates to come to our 6 p.m. meeting at Cafe Eclectic on North McLean and tell us why we should vote for them.

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