Smarting From Her Experience

Smart meters – MLGW’s big, expensive experiment touted to save energy and money for the consumer – are coming into Midtown.

If you are under the misapprehension that they will spare you waiting for the meter reader and the annoyance of leaving the gate unlocked for him, or that you think it will be easy and money saving, take a look at the recent experience of one Midtowner. She had this on the Midtown Next Door Neighbor email.

We had 2 (two) visits from MLGW the weekend before last. I didn’t think anything about it, until we had to call for HVAC repair, reset our hot water heater, and had a visit from the meter reader today.
We did not receive notice through mailings or telephone calls that this was to occur.
While installing the “smart” electric meter that Saturday, they turned off our electricity for almost 15 minutes. That disruption interfered with our computer system on our HVAC. Please be aware, that this is something that will happen. What they didn’t tell us was that the smart meter isn’t in service for reading from the street for another 6 months, at least. (Meter reader told us that today.)
Even though you have acquired a “smart meter” you will still have to allow MLGW people into your backyard for readings, until they install the wiring and connections (another visit) for the meters to be Wifi
That same Saturday, we had MLGW show up with a new gas meter that was to be installed. They wanted us to tear out a portion of our deck to install their new meter and if it hadn’t been for my patient husband explaining how they didn’t need to do this but to move a few things around to accommodate to the existing situation, we would have had need of a carpenter and painter. Fortunately, it was installed without a problem….. However, he did have to go into the basement and relight our heating pilot light and the hot water heater. We then had to reset our hot water heater after he left…he had turned it all the way to high and we almost had some sever burns had we not been alert and quick to jump out of the shower.
PLEASE be certain they reset your hot water heaters to your original settings and DO NOT trust them to know what that is.
Our concern was the lack of notification, the misleading information that the
smart reader was readable from the street, and that we needed a gas meter without notification or request.
Good thing we were at home….. on Saturday. And home again today to have the meters read despite them being “SMART”.

Just because it’s labeled “smart” don’t fall for it. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They have many problems which have been documented on this website and which you can find by searching for them here.

There is also a local facebook page, Get Smart Memphis Discussion Group, that discusses the subject.

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