Stop the Cheerleading!

The morning publication continues its breast beating over the Democrats’ election loss. They are in mourning. It’s sprinkled all over the newspaper this morning and is as obvious as the wig sitting on top of Henri Brooks’ head.

So much for fairness and journalistic integrity.

What am I referring to?

First is the front page analysis of the election. Only it is lop sided. The bright spot for the Democrats, Steve Cohen’s ridiculous hold on his 9th district Congressional seat monopolizes the story. Following it was some drooling that Ricky Wilkins might make a fine mayor and would he please consider it? The other reference was to Joe Brown. He was a bad candidate. We can all agree on that. It doesn’t take much of a journalist to tell readers what they already know.

But – Coming Sunday! – on the front page is “Democrats Eye Changes.” In other words, more obsessing over the future of the Democrat Party. They might have taken a look at the Republican party and consider how well it is functioning, but nah, that wouldn’t help their cause, would it?

The editorial pages continue the same tune, different verses.

“Election needed more firepower” is the headline. Firepower? I thought we got that in Joe Brown who was certainly a flame thrower.

They continue with this feel good tripe for Democrats, “It is awfully hard to oust an incumbent who hasn’t committed serious malfeasance in office or somehow insulted the voters.” Maybe that should read incumbents who are doing their jobs as they are supposed to do get reelected. Do they have a problem with that?

“But we do hope Democrats do better in the future, because the public is better served by serious candidates who make credible arguments and fight fair,” they say. If they were truly impartial, wouldn’t it just matter that some candidates get that job done? Does Democrat equal serious candidate while Republican doesn’t?

Otis Sanford continues the dirge on the opposite page. “Local Democrats need to get organized.” He probably wanted to add, “Please!” He concludes that “If Democrats want to catch up any time soon, they must attract better top tier candidates, drop all of the racial divisiveness, mend fences with Cohen and become more inclusive.

“Otherwise the party is doomed.”

That’s a lot of ifs and some of them I don’t see happening for at least a generation.

You can’t help but wonder if the writers would give the same amount of helpful advice to Republicans, had we failed. I picture more of a “gotcha” attitude for that scenario.

Personally, I like doomed.

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