Not Suited to the Job

Obama at his presser.

Before he even got to the jaw dropping comment that he had no strategy for dealing with ISIS, President Obama shocked his audience when he came out to his press conference in that terrible tan suit.

Even his supporters made fun of it. “Taupe and change,” one said. Another tweeter referred to “the audacity of taupe.” It was not a look that screamed power, manliness or a resolute message. It was as bland as what he said. Presidents rarely have veered from the dark blue suit and this is the reason why. It doesn’t look serious. It looks like he’s going to a summer party in the Hamptons or on a grifting scheme.

Do you think ISIS or ISIL as the president likes to say in a sidestep to the mention of Iraq and Syria, started shaking in their boots with that look? He might as well have come out with a bow tie and then looked like PeeWee Herman or a white suit to emulate author Tom Wolfe. Neither of those get ups would inspire confidence, much less intimidate the enemy.

Maybe he was channeling his inner FDR who like to wear light colored suits and a box tie. However, FDR didn’t face the camera’s scrutiny as he would today partly because there wasn’t TV and partly because of his handicap, which the press shielded for him. He wouldn’t have allowed himself to look weak.

Or maybe Obama was aiming for the Frank Underwood/House of Cards look. Obama’s certainly scheming enough but Underwood would probably have ditched that get up or at least pounded his ring on the table in some show of aggression. It’s hard to imagine Obama in some show of physical strength, particularly after those work out videos that surfaced showing him using one pound weights.

Too bad Joan Rivers is in a coma because she would surely have nailed this on her Fashion Police. She hasn’t held back on Michelle, whose upper arms seem decidedly stronger than her husband’s.

Maybe Obama wanted to show up in a light colored Nehru suit. Maybe that would have connected with the Muslim radicals in ISIS/ISIL. He could even have worn the little cap. Do you think many in the media would have questioned that?

We probably won’t be subjected to this lightweight look again as summer is ending. We probably won’t hear him say he doesn’t have a strategy again either. His advisors won’t stomach that.

But for now, he’s still clothed in ineptitude.

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