Memphian Has Plans

Midtown Republican Club member Eddie Settles has some news to announce. He and his wife, Eve, write the blog and made a voter’s guide for the last election that was widely seen. They have more plans:

Today, we announce Back in River City – LIVE!, a new way to learn about the issues, featuring Back in River City co-founder Eddie Settles. Eddie is now booking speaking engagements for groups interested in knowing how to make a better Memphis.

When Eddie and I returned to Memphis three years ago, we quickly decided our mission here was Memphis itself. After 30+ years away, the city we knew as flawed but laudable seemed to be little more than a steamy, hot mess of poverty, crime, racial bickering and lame leadership; its proud accomplishments reduced to pork barbecue, Elvis, and Beale St.

Eddie launched immediately into learning about the politics, people, problems, power, and policies that make up today’s Memphis and Shelby County. His monthly schedule of self-guided field work typically includes public forums, agency board meetings, political pow-wows, and civic workshops. Three years of faithful attendance at civic events has made Eddie a familiar figure in the public square: he’s the imposing guy in the bow tie who always participates in discussion, asking insightful and pertinent questions. So it didn’t surprise me when the Memphis Flyer’s Jackson Baker recently approached him at a meeting with a puzzled look and said words to the effect, “Who ARE you?”

As Back in River City’s Mr. Outside, Eddie has generally determined which public policy issues we explore for the benefit of our blog followers. While Mrs. Inside’s name may appear more frequently as a byline, believe me, the insight and inspiration comes from the Bow Tie Guy.

Two and one-half years into the ministry that is Back in River City, we are extending the ways we seek to inform and engage people who care about Memphis. Back in River City – LIVE! will put Eddie’s amazing communication skills to fuller use. Extroverts speak; introverts write. Each of us can and do both write and speak on issues we are passionate about; but for now, Eddie is launching our speakers’ bureau, while I’m setting aside time to work on two upcoming Memphis-focused ebooks (more about that later).

Check out the new tab (Back in River City – LIVE!) on our home page to read Eddie’s bio and see what topics he’s currently covering. If your club, civic organization, or discussion group is looking for an interesting and dynamic speaker for an upcoming meeting, contact the Bow Tie Guy at

It’s great for Republicans to get out and participate in Memphis life.

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