Video Everyone’s Talking About

Every Midtowner has probably visited the Kroger in Poplar Plaza. Who knew what might be in store? Certainly wouldn’t expect this:

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

The video has gotten some national attention, but not enough. It was shown on Fox News and Todd Starnes noted it on his facebook page:

Two teenage Kroger employees and another individual were brutally beaten by raging mob of thugs in Memphis. As difficult as it may be – I want you to watch this video.

Why hasn’t President Obama issued a statement of condemnation? Why hasn’t Attorney General booked a flight to Memphis to denounce the brutal mob attack? Why hasn’t the Mainstream Media broken into regularly scheduled programming to cover this heinous act of evil?

It would seem the Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media only become righteously indignant when it’s politically expedient.

Like in Ferguson? They and the media couldn’t give it enough attention, even getting the Attorney General to travel there and listen to hearsay from residents.

It seems like the guard doesn’t act until the crowd is on the doorstep. A woman laughing about it has raised the ire of many, too. Obviously, some feel it’s OK.

I’m glad Toney Armstrong made a strong statement vowing to hold parents accountable, as well as the youths. He spoke at our Midtown Republican Club when he first became Police Director. He came off as honest, caring and fair. He knows that the problems in the black community must be addressed before any of this can be stopped. I don’t envy him his job.

I’m also glad that the judicial elections went so well last month. We need strong judges to hold the line on crime, even with the DOJ breathing down their necks, trying to get them to keep juveniles out of the court system.

And they wonder why people understood George Zimmerman’s predicament in Florida or why second amendment advocates are gaining ground.

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