It’s Started

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Commercial Appeal got on the bandwagon and started its campaign against amendment 3 on the November ballot. It’s the one that essentially bars the state government from ever imposing a state income tax.

Today’s CA has a top of the page article by AP writer Erik Scheizig that really belongs on the editorial pages because it is propaganda for liberals. Liberals and Democrats love taxes and believe in taxes with the fervor of jihadists. You can almost hear the wailing.

Like all liberal arguments, the same strategy is used, beginning with class warfare. Why not? They have found traction with this tactic, i.e. Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren who both declared that “you didn’t build that.” “Rising inequality” is the buzzword here as Scheizig argues that the affluent “save more of their income” and don’t change their buying habits enough to increase the state’s coffers. This seems wrong to him, although liberals don’t like conspicuous consumption either. If anyone is going to be doing that, they feel it should be the government.

He quotes a Standard & Poor report to bolster his opinion. This is another liberal tactic: quote some obscure report or poll which the reader can only accept as true because he/she won’t find it or take the time to look for it. We just assume the figures are true and that his interpretation of their findings is true, which may not be so. The S&P report, he says, indicates “median incomes have barely increased over three decades and remain lower than they were in 2007 when the Great Recession began. Median household incomes, adjusted for inflation, were $54,045 in July, about 4.6% lower than they were in July 2007.”

Psst! AP, do you think that might be the result of Obama policies vs. those of George W. Bush?

The article also suggests that we don’t need to vote for amendment 3 because the Tennessee Legislature is too Republican to ever pass a state income tax. Won’t happen, he says, so why vote for this? It was tried in 2002 and went down to defeat. Don’t bother your pretty little heads about it. True enough, but only partly true. The legislature tried again in 2010 to do it and again in 2012. Senator Brian Kelsey is right in saying we can’t take this for granted. A few flips in the legislature could land a state income tax on our doorsteps pretty quickly.

Notice how Scheizig can’t resist telling of a brick thrown threw the window of the Governor’s office at that time? In other words, Republicans are rabid, violent barbarians who can’t understand a more civilized society. That alone, he infers, should make you want to disassociate from that kind of thinking. But how do I know it wasn’t a Democrat who threw the brick? Never underestimate their dirty tricks.

Another trick in the political bag is to scare us with what might happen if 3 is approved. The legislature has already ‘voted to phase out the state’s inheritance and gift taxes, and is also taking aim at reducing or eliminating the Hall tax on interest from bonds and notes and dividends from stocks.”

Please, do! Many retirees would benefit greatly from that, especially middle class ones.

Surely even liberals are tired of these same, stale arguments. Wouldn’t it be better to see all in the state prosper by opening us up to more business endeavors? Isn’t that the way to help our budgets and help our citizens?

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