A Third Time for 3?

As mentioned on this blog yesterday, the fight against amendment 3 by the liberal media has just begun. Yesterday’s Commercial Appeal had an AP reporter’s essay touting the unfairness of the ballot initiative that would cement Tennessee’s law on not having a state income tax.

Today, the CA has come right back to the topic, only it’s in a different section of the newspaper. This time it’s in the Business section under the “coffee break” column.

“Report links income, taxes” says the headline. Read it and you find out that it is the same report on a Standard & Poor finding that “income inequality has undermined the rate of sales tax revenue growth in Tennessee, Arkansas and other states reliant on sales taxes.”

Just in case you didn’t see it yesterday or didn’t understand it, the CA repackages the story to continue their jihad against amendment 3.

Time was journalists and editors would be aghast to see a story repeated. That was when there was such a thing as ethics and pride in fairness. But liberals prefer propaganda, so here it is again.

Think they’ll try for a third time this week? Where will they put it then? Sports? Food? Religion pages? My bet is on the latter which has become a trough of leftist hogwash.

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