October Surprise

Recently Fox News’ “The Five” panelist Bob Beckel dropped some information that stopped the show’s conversation. “I think I know what the October surprise is” he smirked. There was a collective gasp. It got all their attention, as it did mine and as it quickly popped up on Drudge.

Beckel wouldn’t say what it was. He clearly enjoyed their apprehension. Why shouldn’t they and we be apprehensive? There have been many such October surprises that have derailed elections. Remember the drunk driving one that came out against Bush in 2000? Republicans had much angst over that one and Bush’s poll lead subsequently dropped. Similar bad incidences come out over two years over our senators and congressmen. They have worked. Remember Mark Foley of Florida and how he had to slink away when accusations of impropriety with a page surfaced? We lost the House and the Senate in ’06.

What stunned me about the Beckel incident, however, was how accepting everyone is of this practice. It’s a normal thing for Democrats to pull dirty tricks in the last weeks of the campaign. It’s as normal as your daily weather forecast. “Storms brewing for the GOP as it comes out that X….” Why do they get by with it? Why does everyone take this as permissible?

While the Obama boys are busy in their basements finding any kind of impropriety they can blow up out of proportion are our people sitting on their hands? Where are our October surprises? I don’t really condone the practice, but if their side does it do we just sit back and wait for the next punch or do something? After the 2012 campaign I read that Mitt Romney had set up some opposition research efforts for the next election. Where are they? Was he serious?

The other day Beckel said he thought the air bombings over Syria were the October surprise. I don’t believe him, though. The surprise usually is on us, not a positive for them. The Dems don’t “do” positive info. They like targets and they like to hit them hard and fast.

It’s funny because once in power, the Dems are loathe to do the same to our international enemies. Our side readily attacks foreign enemies, but the liberals in power make us slink away.

I think an October surprise involves something besides this and it is probably imminent. Early voting starts next week in Ohio as it does in many other states. The Dems can’t afford to wait too long anymore.

Whatever it is, the GOP better strap itself in and arm up. We don’t even need radar to know it’s coming. The Dems are so confident, they tell us. Tom Cotton, Pat Roberts, Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott and Scott Walker among others better have a plan. The Dems do.

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