Is Holder the Surprise?

Eric Holder resigning today came as a surprise to many. Why now? What does he hope to gain from this? What will he do next? Seems strange.

Rush Limbaugh suggested he might want to be considered for a Supreme Court Justice. D.W. Ulsterman has some other thoughts and they are interesting:

Saw a couple media reports indicating reason for the timing of Holder resignation. It will allow Reid to rush through confirmation of Holder’s replacement. Remember, Reid changed the rules to allow just 51 votes to confirm. Reid has given WH assurances this will be prior to end of year just in case Republicans take back the Senate with the November votes. The confirmation process will be highly politicized, with Dems hoping it can be used as part of an anti-Republican media blitz shortly before the November Midterms. Jarrett and co. had this all planned out – let’s hope the Republicans, spineless bastards they are, have a plan in place as well…

That makes more sense.
And amen.

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