Did Reid Hang Up on ValJar?

Things are not rosy in Democratworld. Not only is Obama’s unpopularity hurting them, but there is also trouble in the ranks.

The Republican Insider reported to blogger DW Ulstermann the following:

A reported early morning call from Valerie Jarrett is said to have set off Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid who in turn sent staff scrambling to cover his own bases with Senate allies in what some feel is a brewing war between an outgoing White House, and a longtime Senator increasingly desperate to hold onto power.

The phone conversation between the senior senator and de facto president was apparently brief, with Jarrett sharing her displeasure over Reid’s personal involvement in a number of senate campaigns that she felt has led to Republican momentum in those races. Mr. Reid was equally not pleased to be the focus of blame, his voice carrying well beyond the confines of his office via a half open door.

The point of no return for the phone conversation is said to have been when Valerie Jarrett reminded the senator of how much money President Obama has personally raised for the Senate Majority PAC, and that Reid is viewed by most voters and even some within the party as a “divisive dinosaur” and a “drain on our chances to retain control of the senate.”

Harry Reid slammed the phone down and then rushed (as much as a 74 year old man in poor health can) out of his private office cursing the details of the phone conversation. (The senator is well known for his penchant for profanity, regardless of who else is in the room)

“That woman is destroying the party! She’s, I would, she doesn’t have a f*cking clue about any of this!”

The gist of that message was then repeated by Reid and members of his staff to other leading Democrats. Some of these Democrats then informed the White House of what was being said against them by Harry Reid and members of his staff. This reportedly included a North Carolina senator particularly desperate to win re-election and hoping for continued financial help from the Obama machine to do so. She is said to be benefiting from DNC dollars being funneled to the libertarian candidate in that hotly contested race.

Other senators have apparently sided with Reid, most notably one from another hotly contested state – Louisiana.


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