Stormy Night

It stormed yesterday in Memphis, but it stormed also at the meeting of the Shelby GOP steering committee last night.

Members assembled for the 7 p.m meeting which surprisingly included the Flyer’s political writer Jackson Baker and several County Commissioners. This is not a very common occurrence. After business was attended to, Chairman Justin Joy let them speak and that’s when the thunder and lightening commenced.

Suffice it to say that some commissioners are not happy with one of our Republican members regarding the election of a County Commission chair person and the subsequent doling out of committee chairmanships. Each of the five had their time to explain themselves while a few of the steering committee members also added their thoughts.

Baker will no doubt cover this in the next issue of The Flyer. I will not share some of the allegations and rebuttals in the interest of party unity. He, no doubt, will. I will comment on any of his reflections, especially since the man does not take any notes.

Happily the evening ended with an olive branch extended to the “erring” member and a promise to move forward as a team. That’s a good thing. Chairman Joy was very judicious in his handling of this. He commented that such a meeting was the proper venue for airing of grievances. Quite so.

I hate to think how Democrats will relish any report of Republican fractures. Our strength is in the unity we have, which they have not been able to draw upon for the past few elections. I hope everyone realizes the importance of unity if we are to prevail in a blue county.

On a happier note, member Yvonne Burton told me that her new blog,, got a nod from radio host Mark Levin concerning a post she did on Thad Cochran. She got 22,000 hits. You might enjoy checking out her blog.

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