Basar Goes Rogue

If you read this blog or other media, you know that things on the County Commission are not in a happy place.

That’s because Steve Basar has decided to go it alone and to hell with the other Republicans on the Commission.

I was present at the Shelby GOP Steering Committee meeting when Basar attended as did other Commissioners. He stood up and began to criticize the others for backing Justin Ford, a Democrat, for chairman. Four others responded by asking him why he was backing Walter Bailey. He never gave a good answer, but the evening ended with Terry Roland extending an olive branch to him and he accepted it.

Tuesday afternoon Basar called me to say he couldn’t attend the fifth birthday meeting of the Midtown Republican Club, but also to ask me what I thought about the meeting. I asked him if he was running for chairman. He asked if I meant the chairman or committee chairmanships. I said both. He paused and admitted he was running for both. I offered him the platform of this blog to write something and he said he would.

However, nothing has materialized.

In the meantime, the County Commission met and once again, Basar went out on a limb against his fellow Republicans. The CA reported he voted for Bailey with the Democrats and referred to GOP objections as “bullying.” The Republicans got their chairmanships and Bailey said it had “all the earmarks of a deal cut between the Republicans and one of our Democrat colleagues.” The hypocrisy of this statement stuns as Bailey obviously did the same thing and made a deal with Basar for himself.

By the way, the idea that the Democrat majority Commission would follow the tradition of switching party for chairman should be laughed at. When have Democrats ever done the honorable thing when they hold power? Not true at the federal level, state or local – ever. Why do we keep believing them?

Bailey also objected to the chairmanships concerning urban problems going to people who represent suburban areas. Because the ones from urban areas have done such a spectacularly good job for the urban areas? That’s a lame excuse.

But back to Basar. At the Steering Committee meeting the other Republicans said that as chairman Bailey would never work with them at all. They said Mayor Luttrell’s plans would never have a chance and that Bailey was one of the most partisan officials they’d ever seen. That’s why they backed Ford, who at least indicated he’d work with them.

Why did Basar do this? Self interest? He was warned by Steering committee members that he was throwing away his base. They said others would have second thoughts about helping him another time.

It’s a shame to win an election as we did in August and have our unity lost and good will among members eroded by one person.

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