Biden “Depressed,” “Resentful”

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From DC Whispers comes this via blogger DW Ulsterman. It appears Joe Biden is finally realizing that people view him as a clown and that he won’t have backing for a presidential bid.

He has long been on the receiving end of jokes regarding his penchant for foot in mouth, but of late it appears the gaffes and resulting public perception have pushed Joe Biden into the realization he will never be President of the United States, and that behind the manufactured toothy grin is a man coming to the uncomfortably painful terms of his own political mortality.

Though Vice President of the United States for nearly the last six years, Joe Biden became a D.C. fixture as the longtime senator from Delaware, and it is with those still remaining Senate relationship that he has been sharing his increasing frustrations and sense of betrayal by the Obama White House and Democratic Party.

Apparently a recent culmination of the Vice President’s frustrations followed a skit earlier this week on the late night talk program the Jimmy Kimmel Show that posed the question to people in Los Angeles, “Who is Joe Biden?” The studio audience, and the millions watching, laughed as one person after the next indicated no idea who Joe Biden was. The next morning members of the Vice President’s staff were sending the video to one another, laughing at the ignorance of the respondents.

The one apparently not laughing was Joe Biden himself.

“This isn’t funny, man. Six years, right? Six f*cking years and they don’t know who I am?”

The Vice President’s staff were then banned from viewing or sharing the video. While never shy regarding pushing himself out into the public, Mr. Biden has become obsessive of his image in recent years, demanding he “look cool”, so as to, in his mind, better pave the path for himself into the Oval Office.

It is no secret Joe Biden gave up a senior position in the United States Senate in the hopes of using the Vice Presidency to catapult him into the Oval Office in 2016. This scenario was said to have been promised to him as far back as late 2007. In 2007 though, Joe Biden was sixty-five years old, an age when becoming president remains possible. In 2016, he would be seventy-four years of age, long in the tooth even by presidential age standards. The oldest president to ever have been elected was Ronald Reagan, who was nearly seventy when he assumed office in 1981.

“I feel like a kid! Really, I can do this! I look good! I look good!”

That has reportedly been a common refrain from Joe Biden since becoming Vice President – a reference to his plans to run for the presidency in 2016.

Following the 2012 Election though, Biden’s role within the Obama White House has been increasingly marginalized to the point members of the president’s staff are now openly dismissive of the Vice President, often referring to him as “the old guy”a designation that is said to have originated from Barack Obama himself on the 2008 campaign trail.

Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett simply calls Joe Biden, “that clown.”

The relationship between the Vice President’s office and the rest of the Obama/Jarrett West Wing has long been tenuous as best. Biden was used occasionally as a public relations stunt, most often to emphasize the president’s youth and vigor. A few months ago feelings between the two camps took a decided turn for the worst when word came back to both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett of just how funny Joe Biden found the instantly infamous “Obama workout video” to be.

“He’s such a wimp. I can’t believe they leaked this and thought it would make him look tough! Really, I’ll won’t say it in public, but the guy is a wimp! Michael Jackson could kick his ass! I’m not the old guy, he is! Really, just look at him!”

The Vice President obsessed over that video footage for days, bringing it up often with his own Secret Service detail and as many Senate contacts who were willing to listen. Biden’s humor was short-lived though as his mood quickly returned to the high and low tide that has been his temperament since coming to the White House in 2009, and most recently, the lows are getting lower as the DNC has let it be known a Joe Biden for President run is not something the Democratic Party machine is too keen to see happen.

“Joe, you’re too old and frankly, you have a real image problem. This administration hasn’t done you any favors. It’s time to call it a day. Just make some money, write a book, and leave all this sh*t behind.”

That opinion came late last year from a longtime political bundler who has known Joe Biden since the two worked together on Biden’s aborted 1988 presidential campaign, and it was an opinion the Vice President has since repeated to several others, but with his own counter commentary added:

“My day hasn’t come. No way, man. I’ve earned this! I’ve earned it!”

Joe Biden’s mood was much improved early yesterday when photos of him eating ice cream in a pair of aviator glasses went viral. The pictures took place at a campaign stop in Portland, Oregon he attended for Senator Jeff Merkley. The Vice President spent some time viewing the photographs with staff on AF2, his approval of the pictures evident in his suddenly ebullient mood.

It was just three days earlier though that, along with his anger over the Jimmy Kimmel skit, the Vice President was also dealing with having been ordered by Valerie Jarrett to correct the diplomatic faux pas of calling out Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others for having aided some of the very terrorists the United States military finds itself dealing with now in the Middle East, comments that then received heavy media attention.

“I told the truth. They know I’m right but she has to always have the last f*cking word on everything.”

The “she” was most likely a reference to Valerie Jarrett, who is said to have been apoplectic over the Vice President’s condemnation of the Islamic states’ support of terrorist entities. The Vice President initially refused to make a public apology for the comments, but after several communications between his staff and Jarrett’s office, those apologies soon followed.

The man Jarrett refers to as “that clown” was brought to heel, a situation that pushed the Vice President into an even deeper sullen depression that has not entirely diminished. A well placed congressional staffer described Vice President Biden’s mood with the following:

“I’ve been told Biden is depressed, despondent, and very resentful of how he has been treated by key figures within the administration. The party is telling him he won’t have their support if he runs for president. He was promised this support years ago by the Obama team. The problem is, the Obama brand has become poison to Democrats and people like Valerie Jarrett have made it clear how little they regard the Vice President. He’s out there trying to help raise money for the 2014 midterms, hoping that will lead to some donations for his own 2016 campaign, but that isn’t going to happen. Biden is being used, laughed at, and then pushed aside, and he’s finally starting to realize that, and it’s got him very upset. For some reason, it seems he really thought he would some day be president. I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.”

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