I Hate Early Voting

Now that early voting is over, I can share my complete opposition to it.

Why did it ever get started? We’ve had absentee ballots available for decades. Why did this suddenly become too hard for a voter to do? Most of us know if we’re going to be out of town and can prepare for it. Are you thinking you might be in a car accident and unable to vote? Do you think you’ll come down with some quick illness? Employers have to give you time to go, so why wouldn’t you be able to go sometime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.? Twelve hours not enough time to squeeze in ten minutes for voting?

No, the purpose of early voting is not for the voter’s convenience. That’s how it’s dressed up and made presentable. It is to assure that Democrats get all their voters to the polls. They want to be able to check their lists, make sure every possible voter gets rounded up, put on some kind of transportation if needed and gets in line to punch the Democrat ballot.

Why Republicans never put up a fuss about this puzzles me. The system we had worked for decades and decades. Now when it’s easier to get to the polls, easier to punch the ballot and easier to know when an election is happening via TV and internet, we suddenly need 2-3 weeks to get the job done.

Again, it’s for the Democrats’ benefit, not the Republicans. It makes voter fraud so much easier. Fraud’s not supposed to happen, but neither is ebola. We’re supposed to self quarantine, right? We’re supposed to believe everything’s pure in elections, but, we see from the many instances today of Democrat votes being registered when the voter punched a Republican name, it isn’t flawless. See below. Don’t tell me the Democrats are above doing this. The same Democrats who posted Black Panthers at a polling station in Pennsylvania in 2008 – and saw nothing wrong with intimidation – can work it even better now that they run the Justice Department.

That’s why Democrats always foam at the mouth when voter ID laws come up. That makes it harder for every vote to have a voter. Whenever Republicans show the common sense logic of demanding an ID at a time when you need one to purchase anything, Democrats scream racism. They need the fraud opportunity.

Aside from this, early voting lets Democrats get employment for many of their activists. People know they can count on this income every election and primary time and appreciate the Democrats providing this windfall for them. It’s just another chapter of doling out money Democrat style. That is, taxpayer pays for it, Democrat gets it.

I also hate early voting because you never know what might happen in the final days of a campaign. Suppose your candidate suddenly does something you didn’t think he’d do or something from his past comes out that you don’t like. It’s too late to change your mind if you’ve voted early. This happens a lot more often than you’d think, such as yesterday when Mary Landrieu attacked her state for being racist yesterday. I bet a lot of Louisianans today regret voting for her.

I hate early voting, too, because if you vote on one day you assert your interest in the election. You have to make an effort to do it and get to the polls. Let those who don’t care much or are indifferent stay home. If you care, you’ll be there. Why do we always reward the slackers?

But early voting is probably here to stay. It should be a warning, though, against any idea of internet voting. That gets a lot of push from liberals. Can you imagine what voting from home would mean? You could vote drunk or stoned. You could vote with someone else intimidating you. You could vote without any knowledge of the candidates involved, but just on the advice of Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert.

I’d like a campaign to tell people to wait and not vote early. In the meantime, I’ll be at the polls early on Tuesday, ready to vote.

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