Thank You, Legislators

Whatever happens on the amendments today, we owe a big thanks to our Tennessee Legislature.

Although some conservatives may disagree, what’s on the ballot today reflects an interest on their part to allow the people more of a vote on Tennessee issues.

Amendment 1, for instance, if passed, would take the issues connected with abortion out of the hands of judges (who lean liberal with a vengeance) and put them in the hands of legislators elected by the people. I don’t see why anyone would object to this, except Planned Parenthood which makes the most money from this hideous procedure.

Why wouldn’t the proponents of abortion want more regulation over the doctors and offices where these things are done? Isn’t the life of the mother the argument they are always pressing? Why would anyone object to parental notification? A kid can’t take an aspirin to school, but can get an abortion without the parents’ knowledge? Wouldn’t even a liberal want to know what’s going on with their child?

Amendment 2 moves the selection of judges from the liberal/Democrat commission and makes the peoples’ representatives affirm the choices the governor makes. Uber conservatives demand that our Constitution be followed and people directly elect them, but this will not happen. It would be fought in the courts where, guess what, liberal Democrats prevail. Who do you think would win there? Amendment 2 pushes this in the direction of Tennessee voters.

Amendment 3 gives us the opportunity to save our state from the threat of income tax. Even though pundits say a state income tax would never happen in Tennessee, judges can determine that it will. So can politicians. The public is very fickle and Democrats might be in control of the state at some future time. You know they will be ready to ram a state income tax through. It will be their No. 1 priority. But thanks to our legislators, we can have a chance to stop that from happening.

I find their actions on 3 particularly commendable. Most politicians love spending our money more than anything else they do. It’s their safety net for future elections. Our Republican officials have wisely rejected that. No income tax means no doling out grants and projects to their friends; projects almost no one but the friends and the legislator ever benefit from.

On Amendment 4, the Legislature is attempting to fix the botched gambling law Steve Cohen got passed. While I do not like lotteries, I don’t see why veterans should be shut out of the opportunity to make some money for their charity. If other groups can do it, they ought to be able to as well.

I also applaud them on the wine in grocery stores issue. In the past, powerful liquor lobbies have kept this idea from seeing the light of day. If you’re Republican, though, shouldn’t you be for free markets and the right of the individual to purchase what he wants wherever that may be? Don’t the consumers’ rights trump those of the few liquor store owners? They’ll still have a monopoly on liquor and now they can sell beer. I’m not crying in my milk for them.

Whatever the outcome, it was a good effort by our Republican leadership. Thank you.

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