Sign of the Times

I admit that every time I saw a “No on Amendment 1” sign in somebody’s yard – and Midtown was chock full of them – I winced. I’ve never understood the motivation of women on this issue. How can anyone see it except for what it is: murder and murder of a child by his/her own mother?

I was shocked at my polling place to see only signs for “No on 1” and two aggressive in your face women holding two more signs for it. No candidate signs, no other amendment signs, just that one. I expected at least one for Alexander, Cohen or Ball.

It’s surprising, too, the vehemence it brings out in abortion supporters. At election time we always have some Republican signs in our yard. Neighbors might grudgingly see them, but I’ve never had anyone pull one out of the yard, tear it and then throw it down. That happened Monday. It wasn’t wind that did it and it wasn’t accidentally knocked down by a car, pedestrian or dog. I put it back up.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed it was gone. Nowhere in sight. Someone finally must have decided it didn’t need to be displayed any longer. I’ve heard of this happening in other parts of the city, but frankly I was shocked. Isn’t Midtown supposed to be the place where people are laid back and tolerant?

Evidently not. I forgot. There is very little room for disagreement in the liberal world, no matter what they preach. It’s a one way street, or in this case, a one way sign.

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