How We Won

Winning is sweet, isn’t it? And it was such a huge win, too, on both federal and state levels. Excuse me while I schaudenfreude.

But why did we win this time and not in 2012? It appears a lot of RNC people got busy. They upped their candidate recruitment and their ground game. They kept everyone on message. They took advantage of the many Democrat flubs.

In the Washington Post, two reporters give a very good insight behind the scenes. For instance, they claim Chris McDaniel in Mississippi had a lot of problems the RNC found and had to dump him. Lamar Alexander worried about Joe Carr. Harry Reid fumed at President Obama. Pat Roberts sat on his duff until Mitch McConnell sounded the alarm and threatened him.

All that and more is in this article:

It’s a little long, but well worth it.

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