The Cost of Good Government

The Shelby GOP does not pester Republicans with phone calls asking for money. They aren’t like the RNC, who, if you’ve ever donated during a campaign, relentlessly calls asking for more.

No, it’s a group that goes about its business with little fanfare, operating only on dues that people give and funds raised from the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Sadly, there are not very many people in town who are dues paying members and some members even “forget” to pay the mere $25 a year. However, we all expect campaigns to be run effectively and for party business to be done well, too.

It’s a tall order.

When you think of what the Shelby GOP has accomplished this year and in 2010 with very little money, you can’t argue that you don’t get bang for your buck. You get bang and a fireworks display, too. This August we held the wins we made in 2010 and managed to keep Memphis from getting a clown for a district attorney, a hot tempered disrespectful person for juvenile court clerk, judges who had no experience on the bench and other inept politicians. It could have been quite ugly.

If more people were to donate, think of how much more we could do and how many more households we could reach!

If you haven’t yet contributed, consider doing so. You can send a check for $25 to this address: Republican Party of Shelby County, 1255 Lynnfield, P.O. Box 69, Memphis 38119.

There really is no price you can put on good governance, is there?

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