Landrieu Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

All lawyers know never to ask a question in court that you don’t know what the answer will be. Well, at least competent ones do.

Maybe Democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu should have heeded that advice. On the day after the midterm elections, Landrieu started a campaign attack on Republican Bill Cassidy. The two will face off next month after neither attained the necessary 50% plus one vote.

According to the Daily Caller:

Sen. Landrieu held a press conference where she slammed her opponent as absent during the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Standing in front of a VA Medical Center construction site, Landrieu called Cassidy “wishy-washy, unreliable, undependable, not sure who he is, not sure who he was and not sure who he wants to be.”

Landrieu then proceeded to ask, “When this hospital needed a champion to build and rebuild, literally out of the rubble of Katrina and Rita, where was Sen. Landrieu? Standing here and fighting. Where was Bill?”

She even tweeted, “When the New Orleans #VA hospital needed to be rebuilt out of the rubble of Katrina & Rita, #WhereWasBill?” with a link to a press coverage of her news conference.

By the way, don’t Democrats love the hashtag twitter campaign? Remember how Michelle Obama did the “Save Our Girls Thing” after young women were kidnapped in Africa? The effectiveness of it was zero as she has since dropped it and the girls are still MIA.

Maybe Landrieu should have done a little research before she opened her big mouth because,

The attack was an odd one to make, considering Cassidy wasn’t involved in politics at the time. He wasn’t elected to Louisiana’s state Senate until 2006 and Congress until 2008, while hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the state in 2005.

The next day, Rep. Bill Cassidy told Louisianans where he was. At the time of Katrina and Rita, Cassidy was a medical doctor in Baton Rogue, he wrote on Twitter. Moreover, immediately after Katrina hit, Cassidy took the initiative in setting up a makeshift emergency hospital in an abandoned K-Mart to administer aid and care for victims.

Cassidy tweeted a response to Landrieu with a link to a news story on his activities, answering: “Mary Landrieu wants to know where I was during Hurricane Katrina? Setting up a surge hospital for refugees.”

No wonder the DNC has pulled any money from her campaign. Surely Louisianans won’t be so stupid as to reelect this terrible woman.

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