Schadenfreude Still Tasty

I’m still indulging in a schadenfreude gloatfest after our fabulous victory Tuesday night, both here and nationally. It’s just too delicious to see the Democrats angry at their loss and at a loss for their loss, too. They just can’t believe that their liberal progressivism is not popular with mainstream America.

That pertains to local Democrats as well as the ones looking miserable on national TV. For instance, Taylor Berger, a Memphis Democrat who initially was going to run against Heidi Shafer for County Commission but dropped out, has taken to blogging.

He calls himself “Tennessee Smurf” and wrote this:

Yesterday Tennessee officially became a dark red state, and we the loyal smurfs of Memphis have a bad case of the blues. Some of my friends have expressed such disgust with the decisions voters made that they’re ready to move out of the state entirely.

This is my home though, so I’m going to stay, but it kind of makes me want to puke. It makes me want to throw up my hands and stop even trying to make this place better. Who am I working for anyway? If a growing majority of the state wants to live a paternalistic plutocracy then why bother trying to create conditions that will attract normal people?

The libertarian conservatism of Colorado looks pretty nice right about now. At least they are consistent. While hypocritical Tennesseans seem to want government hands off their guns and wallets but deep inside their bodies and bedrooms, Colorado is rolling down the sunlit roads smoking blunts and laughing all the way to the bank, as young people flock.

I’ll miss my friends who move. I’ll be here a little while longer I guess, plugging away at this fool’s errand of enlightenment. But if things don’t start to change at least on a local level in the next few years, I too will be whistling dixie to a John Denver tune.

Please do move out of the state. Go somewhere even more progressive than Colorado (which just elected a Republican senator) like California where you can wallow endlessly in it. Funny how you believe we now have a paternalistic plutocracy. Funny because conservatives are the ones most against government interference. None of us want to go into other peoples’ bedrooms; you’re the ones who want to go inside the womb and pull a human being out, not us. Heck, a lot of you – like President Obama – even favor infanticide. His, as I recall, was the vote needed to stop this horrific practice in Illinois, but he declined to vote against it.

It’s the liberals who adore Margaret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood. She was all about getting rid of poor and black people because she thought she was “enlightened” too. Isn’t that the worst kind of racism imaginable?

Does it ever occur to liberals that it’s in conservatives’ best interest to let you go and extinct yourselves through abortion? We don’t because we don’t see people as expendable or falling into categories of who should live and who should die.

You can’t complain about too much money in politics in this Amendment 1 fight. Proponents were outspent 3 to 1 by groups outside the state. Don’t talk to me about Koch brothers money. Bloomberg, Soros, Planned Parenthood and climate change billionaire Tom Steyer poured tons of money into local races. Didn’t work.

Please do stop working to make this place “better.” Better how? Better by less crime and more employed people, more businesses and schools that challenge kids to learn something outside of the federal Common Core propaganda? I don’t think so. Better at believing what you want them to believe and think. It’s stultifying.

And who’s being paternalistic? “Fool’s errand of enlightenment”? Spare your fatherly wisdom. We’re all adults here.

Young people may flock to Colorado, but they won’t like living there for long. Eventually they will need adult money and adult jobs. Some of them didn’t even know that when you grow and sell marijuana, Uncle Sam wants a big chunk of that tax money. They’re not liking having to cough that up right now.

Don’t worry. Democrats always find some way to subvert the will of the people. The people of Tennessee have spoken, but already a lawsuit has been filed to get Amendment 1 thrown out. Your friends in the legal profession are only too happy to oblige.

Have you thought about Venezuela?

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